We offer fiduciary guidance that allows you to stay completely current with compliance, helps minimize your fiduciary risk, while maintaining a retirement plan that truly prepares your employees to retire with dignity.

Knowing exactly what to do for the good of your corporate retirement plan can be difficult at best. The many laws and guidelines can be confusing and seem to get in the way of you just wanting to do the right thing for your employees.

As good as your intentions may be, we know that there are many obstacles that make it difficult to take excellent care of your employees’ retirement plan.

Plan sponsors are evaluated based on the prevailing circumstances at the time the decisions were made. The regulations governing the management of retirement plans are ever-changing and evolving, and so too, should your decisions.

If you, as a plan sponsor, note that aspects of your plan are not benefiting your participants, then you have an active duty to make changes.

Meeting these fiduciary responsibilities can be a complex process and one that is particularly difficult to navigate. A defined and consistently applied methodology is essential to provide satisfactory fiduciary oversight and remove most, if not all, subjectivity and risk from the equation.

By continually and regularly monitoring the plan using our four-step fiduciary process, decisions are evaluated and changed according to the evolving market landscape and prevailing circumstances of the plan. This protects the interests of both employer and participant.

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