Our approach to fees is simple. We tell you what they are.

We believe in fully disclosing our fees to you so you can determine whether our advice is designed to help you or to help ourselves.

Many people are unaware of the fee-based approach when it comes to investment advice and planning. This approach significantly, if not totally, eliminates the conflict of interest most people fear exists between their financial advisor and themselves.

A traditional broker gets paid based on transactions as they occur. Their incentive is to sell you something and get paid a commission. A fee-based advisor gets compensated on a level basis on the assets you place under their management. Selling you something isn’t the objective; making your assets grow is. That puts us on the same side of the table as you – allowing us to objectively assess what you’ll need for your plan’s success.

Whenever your plan requires a product (like life insurance) that does generate a commission, we simply tell you what it is and let you decide if it makes sense or not.

With us, everything is on the table and everyone is working for your success. We feel this is simply a better way to do business, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.